The lush island Grinda, just over an hour away by the fastest boat. A blissful archipelago setting, in a nature reserve. Good swimming in summer, Here you can rent kayaks, boats, play volleyball or boules. If you want to eat exclusively you go to the inn Grinda Wärdshus, it has an award-winning restaurant and comfortable guest rooms. Treat yourself to a delicious lunch or dinner and why not stay overnight
What to do? Stroll around, pick flowers, watch sheep or swim in the cozy seaside resort.
How to get there? Ferry with

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Stockholm archipelago


The Stockholm archipelago stretches 80 km east from the city into the Baltic Sea. The 30 000 islands, islets and rocks offer a variety of experiences: Huvudskär, Bullerö and Svartöga (home to what claims to be the world’s smallest post office) are all great for hiking, there’s plenty of accommodation on Grinda, Sandhamn and Utö while the archipelago’s largest sand beach, Stora Sand is on Nåttarö. There are regular ferry and boat services between the islands and Stockholm throughout the summer.

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