Sandhamn is for those who want to have fun, here is Stockholm’s archipelago’s best nightlife. A popular island with typical archipelago houses and narrow alleys.
Sunbathe and swim on the beautiful sandy beaches. Go to museum, rent a kayak or ride a bike, go fishing, sailing, playing tennis or mini golf. There is also a spa, gym, relax, indoor pool, outdoor pool and hot tub. The journey takes approx 2 hours from Strandvägen and Strömkajen.
For who? For those who want to have fun.
How to get there? Ferry with 

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A short hour by boat from Strandvägen or Strömkajen is Vaxholm, the capital of the Stockholm archipelago. A lively and idyllic archipelago town with live harbor life, picturesque buildings and exciting shops, restaurants, bakeries and cafes, visit galleries, museums, stroll in the cozy little shops, take a trip to Vaxholm Castle – or just enjoy a cliff.
For who? Vaxholm is for lovebirds, family or single.
How to get there? Ferry with STRÖMMA Kanalbolaget

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Every day during the month of June we will write about the Stockholm archipelago,
Today we start with: FJÄDERHOLMARNA
There are boats going every hour from Stockholm’s city, both Nybrokajen and Slussen, and it takes no more than 20 minutes. If you are hungry, there are several restaurants to choose from. In addition, there are craft shops and exhibitions to watch, and a theater open in the summer.

For who? Fjäderholmarna fit those who do not want to travel particularly far from town.
How to get there? Ferry with STRÖMMA KANALBOLAGET

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The city of ink


One in three young Stockholmers has a tattoo, making it the most inked city in the world. With the world’s first tattoo studio in an airport, we meet Stockholm’s tattooed tribe.
It’s all thanks to hip Swedish company Salong Betong, which has just opened the world’s first tattoo studio in an airport. Here, travellers can grab a fair-trade Brazilian coffee,and watch people going under the needle. If they’re feeling brave, and they can nab one of the highly sought-after appointments, they can even get inked before take off.
“We are the new generation,” says Daniel “Danne” Beijner, who founded Salong Betong in 2009. “And, the airport is the new harbour.”
Stockholm is home to the world’s most tattooed population outside tribal communities. Along with the tattoos comes an unusually high level of acceptance for the art of ink.
Today, there are dozens of tattoo studios in Stockholm, and everyone – from teenagers to grandmothers – wants to get inked. Swahili Bob’s Tattoo Studio is one who wants to welcome them all.

So forget the Moderna Museet – the most interesting way to see what’s happening in Stockholm’s contemporary art scene this summer is on the streets.

Stockholm Guesthouse says: We did our “N” tattoo in Sofo at Swahili Bob’s :-)

Street food

The best street food to be found in Stockholm is a hot dog stand on Karlbergsvägen. Günter Schwartz may be dead, but his masterpiece still stands, the stand where you can find sausages from all over the world. Served in crispy baguettes with great sauces these are too good to be true. Don’t miss out!
Ps, also for vegetarians.

Address: Karlbergsvägen 66, Subway station St Eriksplan

Stockholm Guesthouse says –  We love Günter’s sausages :-)

Shower beer


Drinking beer in the shower is suck a popular pastime that there are hashtags #showerbeer, online communities and Reddit boards devoted to it. Now, there’s a brew made specifically for this purpose. Shower beer, from Swedish creative agency Snask and Pang Pang brewery, is a tiny but strong brew designed to be downed in just three gulps. “Since we released the first batch our phones have gone crazy” says Fredrik Öst, creative director of Snask. “We’ve had to take in extra staff to make sure we don’t miss anything” Not into boozing in the shower? Shower beer could still be for you… “It can also be used as a conditioner” says Fredrik Tunedal, founder of Pang Pang

For more information about the shower beer– click here and here

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Private art collection


While the big national galleries tend to get the most attention, there are many fantastic collections of privat art open to the public around in Stockholm,

let’s start with Sven-Harrys konstmuseum

In 2011, property developer Sven Harry Karlsson opened an art gallery in Vasaparken. The 400-square-meter gallery includes works by August Strindberg, Helene Schjerfbeck and Ernst Josephson and regulary hosts new exhibtions.

For more information about the Sven-Harrys konstmuseum – click here

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