How to make reservations

Photo by Staffan Eliasson

Photo by Staffan Eliasson

Stockholm Guesthouse act an intermediary between you (the guest) and our network of hosts. Here at we refer to places to stay as “objects” and each object has its own booking code. If you know the code you can do a search or simply browse our listings using the menu.

When you find an object that you want to reserve, scroll down to the bottom of that page where you will find a (reservation) form to submit. We will reply back to you using the e-mail address you entered into the form.

When you submit the form you are also given details on the steps necessary until your reservation becomes an actual confirmation. Note the difference between those two:
* Reservation = First contact, using the form at the bottom of a page detailing an object.
* Confirmation = Last contact, received after payment of booking fee, including all you need to know prior to arrival.

If you have any questions regarding a reservation or just want to learn more about an object or Stockholm Guesthouse, send an e-mail to

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